Are you unsure how a hidden radar detector installation in your vehicle will look? See videos about radar detectors as hidden fixed installation! The concealed installation of the devices is possible in almost all vehicles without any problems. However, the individual positioning of the devices in the front of the vehicle or the possibly necessary displays in the cockpit depends on the individual vehicle conditions and, above all, the preferences of the customer. Contact us!

Report on French TV about our shop and installation

Radar detector and laser jammer installed invisibly – 15 luxury cars with protection against all speed cameras!

You see are some beautiful Mercedes vehicles, for example, a Mercedes S65 AMG, a new Mercedes AMG GTS, a Mercedes SL63, but also Porsche, for example, a Porsche Panamera, a Porsche Cayman GT4 and a Porsche Cayenne. BMW models are of course not missing, for example a new BMW M550i, a BMW M6 or a new BMW Eight are among them. For Audi friends we show a radar detector installation in the Audi RS6. To round off the picture, radar detectors and laser jammers can also be admired in exotic vehicles such as the Lamborghini Huracan, a Lotus, a Maserati Levante or an Aston Martin DB9.

So if such a vehicle overtakes you once, it is always possible that it was with us before. On our website you can see which devices are available for installation, how they work and of course you can find all videos and explanations about the installation. Of course all devices can be ordered online or you come with an appointment directly to us in the radar detector workshop in Heidelberg. Not only German customers or from Switzerland and Austria, no, even Norwegian and Italian customers we could already welcome with us personally. No way is too far because our systems work all over Europe.

When you think of radar detectors, many people think of the classic mobile devices for the dashboard or the radar detector apps on the cell phone. The disadvantages are well known: they are visible, they provide too many false alarms, they do not warn or protect against all measuring methods and, due to different speed measuring devices, they do not work in every country. We imagine relaxed driving differently. Radar detectors and laser jammers are an issue all over Europe and so we have many customers from neighboring countries who appreciate our discretion and the quality of the installations. We have also had French television as guests on several occasions, because speed cameras are an emotional and controversial topic, especially in France. We therefore assure all our customers maximum discretion.

If you liked the video, subscribe to our channel, share this video with friends and give us a Like. We look forward to your feedback and wish you all the best and safe driving. Maybe we will soon welcome one or the other of you personally for radar detector installation at our small but fine workshop in Heidelberg.