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Would you like to buy a radar detector and save a fine? Then you have come to the right place with us as radar warning experts since 1999! If you have read how radar detectors work – then we recommend looking at our radar detector comparison. A %-90% protection against speed cameras and radar traps as well as section control are possible with a radar detector and thus in the future much less fines due to observed speed limits.

What is the best radar detector? Compare before buying a radar detector!

Radar detectors (regardless of whether they are built-in or portable or mobile) offer the following main technical differences in comparison, depending on the price range:

  • Radar detector performance – compare radar sensitivity & sensor or antenna size here
  • More precise radar frequencies setting for more precise results.
  • Compare: exact frequency setting possible?
  • Low power radar reception of the latest multaradar generation – MRCD MRCT GATSO (compare here especially the performance
  • every meter counts because these signals send extremely weak signals!)
  • False alarm filters such as radar-based assistance systems in vehicles (compare the manufacturers’ false alarm frequency here
  • almost all manufacturers claim they have the best, we know exactly where the differences are
  • GPS technology for speed-dependent alarms and speed measurement
  • Compare the options and updates of fixed speed cameras here – do they cost something later or are POI data free?)

  • The best-known and still most common speed camera measurement method is certainly speed measurement using a radar trap.
  • But there are also other measurement methods that are not carried out using radar. It is therefore worthwhile to inform yourself in advance to avoid disappointment with the scope of protection.
  • Because other measurement methods, such as low power radar (MRCD, MRCT, GATSO), lasers or passive speed controls via ESO 1,2,3,7,8 (one-sided sensor) or section control are now also frequently used in Europe.
  • Some of these new radar measurement methods can be detected with good mobile radar detectors. With laser and passive methods, if they are used mobile, it becomes more difficult. Here you need separate equipment for optimal protection. Here we offer our complete packages for perfect all-round protection

The question of whether radar detectors are permitted cannot be answered uniformly in Europe. There are countries where the use of radar detectors is legal, while other EU countries only prohibit the use of jammers. In other countries, only radar detectors that report cameras at a fixed speed via GPS are permitted, but not radar receivers.

In Germany, for example, radar detectors are generally not prohibited, but their use while driving regulates this in the catalog of fines in connection with the StVO §23 (1c) as an administrative offense:

Anyone driving a vehicle may not operate or carry a technical device with them that is ready for operation, which is intended to display or disrupt traffic monitoring measures. This applies in particular to devices for disrupting or displaying speed measurements (radar warning or laser disruption devices). The corresponding device functions must not be used for other technical devices that, in addition to other purposes, can also be used to display or disrupt traffic monitoring measures.

StVO §23 1c

The biggest difference between a radar and laser speed measurement: In contrast to radar, lasers are not permanently emitted and can therefore not be detected in time. The automated laser measurement systems have a work area, i. H. A distance between 25 and 75 m from which they become active and can only then be recorded. In addition, a laser measurement usually takes a fraction of a second. And last but not least: the laser beam itself is very thin and can only be recognized when it hits the sensor to be detected.

These are all factors why even the best of handheld radar detectors are typically not able to help optimally.

Laser Jammer: That’s why there are installation laser systems. Not only do you detect lasers much more effectively, but you can also bypass the laser measurement more effectively.

Quite simply, the mobile device will offer you around 75% protection and be flexible for use in multiple vehicles if necessary. A built-in system is particularly impressive because it can be installed more discreetly and can also be expanded with active laser protection or protection from ESO measurements, which a mobile radar warning device cannot achieve.

From a technical point of view, there is no simple solution beyond the control of the mobile phone after detection of the speed camera apps, but this is legally difficult, as there must be a reasonable suspicion in order to be allowed to access the personal data of the smartphone. For radar detectors that can measure radar radiation, there are so-called RDD devices (Radar Detection Detector) – some of them are able to detect these devices. However, this does not apply to all radar warning devices and there are also increasing numbers of false alarms due to the general use of other radar devices such as distance cruise control. In addition, this technology is not used in Germany.

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