Soundbooster & Active Sound


  • Sports car sound for retrofitting
  • Invisible integration into the vehicle
  • Choose from thousands of sound combinations
  • Download complete sounds
  • Simulate rough idling or misfire
  • Can be adjusted from subtle to aggressive
  • Control via original, existing buttons
  • Control also via iPhone and Android app
  • On request as a package at a fixed price incl. Assembly

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Soundbooster & Active Sound

Driving fun with sports car sound for all vehicles

  • Sporty V8 sound for almost every diesel or gasoline engine
  • Invisible integration into the vehicle
  • Choose from thousands of sound combinations
  • Control via original, existing buttons
  • Control also via iPhone and Android app
  • Operation is child’s play
  • Available as a package at a fixed price including assembly
  • Quality from the market leader

What is Active Sound?

To put it simply, Active Sound is a loudspeaker system that creates a deceptively real gasoline engine sound. Why? Because modern diesel vehicles are not only economical but also very sporty. The sound, however, leaves a lot to be desired. Audi has done pioneering work and integrated the system from Eberspaecher into their powerful diesel models. In the meantime, other manufacturers such as Maserati or Porsche have jumped on the bandwagon. This makes a boring-sounding diesel a little funnier. Of course, very discreetly in terms of the road traffic regulations. So that vehicles with a factory-installed or retrofitted Active Sound System are really fun and you can use full volume incl. To be able to call up setting options, a sound booster is required. And this is where the wheat is separated from the chaff. Soundbooster is not just a soundbooster!

What does our Soundbooster offer?

The focus here is on pure driving pleasure. Our Soundbooster from Maxhaust offers almost unlimited possibilities to adapt the sound to your ideas and to save it in different profiles.

  • Unlimited sound profiles possible
  • Finally download completely new sounds
  • Our sound module has several sounds to choose from
  • Connect up to four actuators
  • The Maxhaust Sound Module is the only module on the market that supports up to four actuators. Whether outside, inside or in the engine compartment. Perfect sound in every position.
  • Adaptation of profiles, maps and sounds via the app via Bluetooth
  • Sound profiles can be called up via the app, original buttons and / or driving experience switch
  • Volume of idle adjustable separately
  • Speed-dependent volume
  • Load-dependent volume
  • Engine start support
  • Troubled run
  • Misfire
  • Equalizer function: bass, treble, intensity
  • Speed adjustment of the stand and driving noise
  • Demo mode
  • Remote product customization and diagnostics via the app
  • Install free software updates conveniently via the app
  • No limit on downloads when changing vehicles
  • Saving the configuration before an update
  • Can be switched off at any time at the push of a button

The presetting of the sound profiles is child’s play with the app available for iPhone and Android. The different sound profiles can then be called up using the original vehicle buttons. If your vehicle has a so-called driving experience switch with which you can call up various driving profiles such as SPORT, DYNAMIC, ECO, etc., it is usually possible to assign a separate sound to each driving program. From subtle volume in ECO or NORMAL mode to loud, robust sports car sound in SPORT or DYNAMIC mode.

Made to order:

  • The universal set can basically be installed on any vehicle with a CAN data bus. Provided there is enough space. This CAN data bus has been found in around 99% of vehicles since 2000. Ask us! We know if your vehicle is compatible. Programming can be carried out by the customer himself using a smartphone (iPhone or Android).
  • However, there are also vehicle-specific installation kits available on request. Especially for Audi A4 / A5 8K and A6 / A7 4G each with 3L TDI engine. Here, the Active Sound System can be retrofitted with 2 actuators on the rear silencer (original Audi spare parts), just like in the factory. Our retrofit kits contain all necessary parts incl. Sound booster.

Are 1, 2 or even 4 actuators necessary?

The question is more whether there is room for a second sound actuator (loudspeaker) at all. The second actuator is sure to produce a somewhat richer sound. But it is certainly not necessary!


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