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  • Sale!

    Antilaser priority laser blocker

    • Antilaser has been the test winner for many years!
    • 20% more power when detecting laser guns
    • Up to 100% more power when blocking laser guns
    • Up to 5 sensors possible
    • 45% smaller sensors
    • Can be expanded to create a complete radar detector system
    • Can be updated via the Internet
  • Sale!

    ALPConnect Bluetooth Module (Gen.2)

    Original price was: 199 €.Current price is: 149 €.
    • supports Bluetooth wireless conection to your ALPriority
    • compatible with the latest Android and iOS operating systems
    • online updateable to keep up with future Android and iOS releases
    • supports wired Control Set connection
    • enables online firmware updating of your system
    • adds a display to your ALP system, and more
  • ALP Priority Sensor

    Antilaser ALP Priority Sensor

    • ALP Antilaser Sensor
    • Additional sensor for ALP Priority System
  • AL-Priority-Test

    Antilaser Tester


    With the anti-laser tester, you can easily check at any time whether your anti-laser is really ready for use and correctly adjusted. Other laser blockers or radar detectors can also be tested.