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  • Lasertrack flare laser blocker

    • invisibly integrated in the license plate holder
    • 3 modes can be selected – door and garage opener, only laser warning or warning and malfunction of laser guns
    • 2 sensors per license plate holder for perfect vehicle coverage (also SUV)
    • invisible sensors
    • Compatible with Genevo Assist fixed installation radar detector
    • Can be updated via the Internet
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    Target Blu Eye

    • Perfect for tracking down camouflaged emergency vehicles
    • The only protection against Provida vehicles
    • Warns when emergency vehicles approach
    • Detects police cars, ambulances and fire trucks
    • Legal! Blueye is not a radar detector
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    Laser track flare


    Basic set, consisting of:

    • Main Unit (control unit)
    • Display for visual & audible alarms
    • complete cabling for installation
    • 1x sensor transponder