Lasertrack flare laser blocker


  • invisibly integrated in the license plate holder
  • 3 modes can be selected – door and garage opener, only laser warning or warning and malfunction of laser guns
  • 2 sensors per license plate holder for perfect vehicle coverage (also SUV)
  • invisible sensors
  • Compatible with Genevo Assist fixed installation radar detector
  • Can be updated via the Internet

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LaserTrack Flare is an innovative multifunctional remote control, combined with the most advanced laser protection technology, which offers you as a user many advantages. As a remote control, the LaserTrack Flare can be used anywhere in the world, while you can simply switch it off in countries where the laser speed trap protection is not permitted.

In this way the LaserTrack Flare can be used in the 3 modes

REMOTE CONTROL – A fully automatic remote control for all brands of electric gates, garage doors and outdoor lighting. Up to 50 vehicles have access to each gate or door. All with their own unique security code. Average range with a clear view:> 100 meters.

LASER DETECTION – Warning of laser measurements, but no interference with laser measurements

LASER PROTECTION – Laser protection by actively disrupting the speed measurement. The LaserTrack Flare can be programmed to offer complete and invisible, hidden protection against all measurements with laser guns used in Europe.

Invisible installation in the license plate holder

INVISIBLE INSTALLATION Completely invisible integration of transponders within the license plate frame (for license plates 51x11cm). The extremely small and robust transponders each have their own 32-bit 180MHz processor for outstanding performance and maximum reliability against the latest laser measurement systems. The minimal display of the LaserTrack Flare in the vehicle interior ensures timely acoustic and visual warnings and, if desired, can be installed invisibly in an existing space in the dashboard.

Target Lasertrack Flare scope of delivery

  • License plate holder (51x11cm license plates)
  • 2 sensors integrated in the license plate holder
  • 1 control unit
  • Connection cable and mounting material

Installation in the vehicle

Each Lasertrack Flare Set contains all parts required for assembly. An installation effort of 1-2 hours (front) or 3-4 hours (front and rear) must be expected. Preferably in our house. With more than 20 years of experience, we stand for maximum competence.

Legal Notice!

Important information on the amendment to the Austrian KFG (Motor Vehicle Act) which prohibits the operation of laser jamming devices. We would like to point out to all customers that the optionally available malfunction function in this device has been prohibited by law in Austria since 2017. In other countries, warning of radar or laser measurements is also a criminal offense. We will of course help you to set up your device in accordance with the legislation in your country.

Extract from KFG Austria 2017:

“Radar or laser blocker”

  • 98a. (1) Devices or objects with which technical devices for traffic monitoring can be influenced or disrupted must not be attached to or in motor vehicles and must not be carried in motor vehicles.

(2) Violations of the provision of Para. 1 are to be blamed on both the driver and the registered owner of the vehicle.

(3) Are the in para. 1 discovered devices or objects on or in vehicles, the organs of the public security service or the road inspector are entitled to take coercive measures to prevent further travel until these devices or objects have been removed. These devices or objects are to be declared expired. “

Lasertrack Flar has been successfully tested against …

  • LTI – Marksman 20.20, Multalaser, LTI – UltraLyte, LR, 100, 100LR, 200, 200LR, Compact, LRB
  • Redflex – Lasercam, Lasercam NT, Jenoptik – LaserPatrol, Jenoptik – Laveg, Video-Laveg
  • Multanova – StarLaser, Robot – TraffiPatrol V, Sagem – MestaLaser, Sagem – EUROLaser
  • Truvelo – Lidar, D-Cam, Kustom – ProLaser I, ProLaser II, ProLaser III
  • Kustom – Pro-Lite, Kustom – LaserCam II, Riegl – LR90-235, Riegel VX2 / 3
  • Stalker – LZ-1, Laser Atlanta – SpeedLaser, S, R, Stealth Mode
  • Cleartone – Stealth SpeedLaser, Fama – famaLaser II, Fama – famaShot III
  • Traffic Observer – LMS 291/221/04/05, NJL Kft – SCS-101 / SCS-102, Robot – TraffiPatrol XR
  • Riegl – FG21-P, LTI – TruSpeed, LTI – TruSpeed 2, LTI – TruCam
  • Vitronic – PoliscanSpeed, Camea – Unicam section control, Unipar – SL700
  • Robot / Jenoptik TraffiStar



Anzahl Sensoren

1 sensor, 2 sensors, 3 sensors, 4 sensors, 5 sensors


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