Antilaser priority laser blocker


  • Antilaser has been the test winner for many years!
  • 20% more power when detecting laser guns
  • Up to 100% more power when blocking laser guns
  • Up to 5 sensors possible
  • 45% smaller sensors
  • Can be expanded to create a complete radar detector system
  • Can be updated via the Internet

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Antilaser Priority Laser Blocker Austria Edition 2020

The Antilaser Priority is only available in Austria in the new Austria Edition. The special ALP USB stick and a GPS antenna are supplied as standard. Thus, the authority can hardly prove the use of a prohibited laser jammer. No more laser functions below a defined speed. If the special USB stick is kinked (not visually recognizable), the system can no longer be operated. With this Austria Edition, Antilaser wants to adapt to the new laws in Austria in order to continue to offer the user a feeling of security.

With the Priority, Antilaser provides 100% protection against laser measurements – legal as a parking sensor!

  • 20% more performance in detecting laser guns than the competition
  • plus up to 100% more power when blocking laser guns
  • Up to 5 sensors possible
  • 45% smaller sensor than AL G9 RX
  • Updates via the Internet and USB Sick
  • Settings via USB or control panel
  • Connection of the radar antennas from Genevo, Beltronics, Stealth and Valentine1
  • App control via Bluetooth module (optional)
  • GPS connection (optional)
  • Up to 400% faster CPU than AL G9 RX

AL Priority, the parking assistant against parking tickets

The new AL Priority was developed to protect you and your vehicle from all types of laser measurement. The components are manufactured according to military standards. Like the military rangefinder and the police laser speedometer, the Antilaser Priority laser blocker also uses special laser diodes that work in the working range of 905 nm wavelength. Compared with light-emitting diodes, which are used for some classic infrared sensors, the laser’s power is a hundred times greater. The new Antilaser Priority only uses the latest technology. Due to the high precision, interference from other light, such as sun rays, is also no problem. Vehicles with LCC (Laser Cruise Control) are also perfectly filtered out.

With the Priority Laser Blocker, Antilaser sets a new record worldwide!

The Antilaser Priority laser blocker not only helps against laser measurements from laser guns. More and more fixed measuring systems with laser technology, such as the Poliscan Speed Tower from Vitronic, are chasing down speedy drivers. Here, too, the Antilaser Priority offers sufficient protection against parking tickets.
Legal as a parking sensor (the parking function can be switched off), the new AL Priority – ALP for short – continuously sends laser signals and detects when these are reflected by an obstacle in order to warn the driver. So laser measurement instead of ultrasound.

Made to order:

1-5 sensors

  • 1 sensor on the front ranges from sports cars to mid-range vehicles.
  • 2 sensors at the front are recommended for mid-range cars and SUVs.
  • 3 sensors at the front are only necessary for extremely large vehicles.
  • 1-2 sensors can also be mounted at the rear to protect the vehicle from rear measurements.

Optional keypads

  • Control unit PLUS – offers an external loudspeaker and operation via just one button. So very subtle.
  • HIFI control panel – has an external loudspeaker and outputs all messages in German. This makes navigation in the menu much easier.

Extensions for the AL Priority

  • With Radar Plugin Antilaser describes the extension for the Priority, which makes it possible to connect radar antennas. Beltronics 975, STiR + and STiR + M-Edition, Genevo HD +, Stealth and Valentine1 are currently compatible. In this way, the Antilaser Priority turns from a laser blocker to a fixed-installation radar detector with laser protection.
  • The Bluetooth plug -in makes the AL Priority Bluetooth-enabled. So if you prefer to use your mobile phone instead of the anti-laser control panel, this Bluetooth extension is now available for you. This means that the anti-laser control panel can be omitted and nothing can be seen in the interior. So if you use both adapters, you get radar detectors such as laser blocker alarms via the mobile phone app. The necessary ALP Connect app is available free of charge for Android and iOS. If the mobile phone is not there, the alarms come back from the control panel.

Laser tester

  • The anti-laser laser blocker tester is a useful test device for installation partners or end customers. This allows you to check at any time whether your laser blocker is really ready for use and correctly adjusted. The laser warning function of other radar detectors or laser blockers can also be tested with it.

Installation in the vehicle

Each AL Priority Set contains all parts required for assembly. An installation effort of 1-2 hours (front) or 3-4 hours (front and rear) must be expected. Preferably in our house. With more than 20 years of experience, we stand for maximum competence.

Legal Notice!

Important information on the amendment to the Austrian KFG (Motor Vehicle Act) which prohibits the operation of laser jamming devices. We would like to point out to all customers that the optionally available malfunction function in this device has been prohibited by law in Austria since 2017. In other countries, warning of radar or laser measurements is also a criminal offense. We will of course help you to set up your device in accordance with the legislation in your country.

Extract from KFG Austria 2017:

“Radar or laser blocker”

  • 98a. (1) Devices or objects with which technical devices for traffic monitoring can be influenced or disrupted must not be attached to or in motor vehicles and must not be carried in motor vehicles.

(2) Violations of the provision of Para. 1 are to be blamed on both the driver and the registered owner of the vehicle.

(3) Are the in para. 1 discovered devices or objects on or in vehicles, the organs of the public security service or the road inspector are entitled to take coercive measures to prevent further travel until these devices or objects have been removed. These devices or objects are to be declared expired. “

Update: For this reason, Antilaser Priority products will be delivered as a set from 6/2020 by the manufacturer with the GPS module and the AL Priority USB stick!


AL Priority has been successfully tested against …

  • LTI – Marksman 20.20, Multalaser, LTI – UltraLyte, LR, 100, 100LR, 200, 200LR, Compact, LRB
  • Redflex – Lasercam, Lasercam NT, Jenoptik – LaserPatrol, Jenoptik – Laveg, Video-Laveg
  • Multanova – StarLaser, Robot – TraffiPatrol V, Sagem – MestaLaser, Sagem – EUROLaser
  • Truvelo – Lidar, D-Cam, Kustom – ProLaser I, ProLaser II, ProLaser III
  • Kustom – Pro-Lite, Kustom – LaserCam II, Riegl – LR90-235, Riegel VX2 / 3
  • Stalker – LZ-1, Laser Atlanta – SpeedLaser, S, R, Stealth Mode
  • Cleartone – Stealth SpeedLaser, Fama – famaLaser II, Fama – famaShot III
  • Traffic Observer – LMS 291/221/04/05, NJL Kft – SCS-101 / SCS-102, Robot – TraffiPatrol XR
  • Riegl – FG21-P, LTI – TruSpeed, LTI – TruSpeed 2, LTI – TruCam
  • Vitronic – PoliscanSpeed, Camea – Unicam section control, Unipar – SL700


  • Control unit: 100x22x40 mm
  • Sensors: 30x14x57 mm
  • Control unit: 56x27x6 mm

The EU laboratory has confirmed laser class 1: The “Austrian Research Center” – ARC has confirmed that AL Priority corresponds to the international safety standard with regard to laser radiation protection, specifically the IEC 60825-1 standard. Such confirmation is mandatory for all products that have a laser or LED source and are placed on the market in the European Union. The penalties for manufacturers and / or distributors of unconfirmed laser products are severe. AL Priority is certified as a laser class 1 device, which means that the bundled laser beam has a large width and is safe for use under all intelligently foreseeable working conditions. Looking into the bundled laser beam of any laser device is of course not recommended, regardless of its classification.


Anzahl Sensoren

1 sensor, 2 sensors, 3 sensors, 4 sensors, 5 sensors


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