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    ESOGUARD PRO DUAL – ESO3 protection


    Finally available and important for German customers: As a fixed installation with two sensors, the Esoguard PRO Dual offers comprehensive interference for ESO sensor measurements – order here now.

    • Especially for all vehicles with a curved front
    • No mistakes when using laser jammers
    • Compatible with well-known laser jammers
    • Interferes with ESO 1.0, ESO 3.0, ESO 3.0 matrix
    • Interferes with Autovelox in Italy / Spain
    • Smallest sensors for installation
    • 2 meters of electricity – cable connection
    • Made in Germany
    • Developed especially for all super sports cars
    • The opening angle has been increased enormously
    • Ultra flexible sensors for installation
    • Just a very small control unit
    • Completely newly developed sensors
    • Fast car assembly possible
    • Update capable for the future
    • 2 year guarantee
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    ESOGUARD II DUAL – ESO3 protection


    Finally available and important for German customers: The Esoguard 3.0 Blocker Dual, as a fixed installation with two sensors, offers comprehensive interference for sensor measurements – order here now.

  • Stinger Freedom Laser

    • HD laser sensors offer perfect protection
    • Multiple test winner worldwide
    • Advanced Stinger Laser Technology
    • Legal mode – Police Check
    • Smallest dimensions on the market
    • Perfect with Stinger Card and VIP
  • Lasertrack flare laser blocker

    • invisibly integrated in the license plate holder
    • 3 modes can be selected – door and garage opener, only laser warning or warning and malfunction of laser guns
    • 2 sensors per license plate holder for perfect vehicle coverage (also SUV)
    • invisible sensors
    • Compatible with Genevo Assist fixed installation radar detector
    • Can be updated via the Internet
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    Antilaser priority laser blocker

    • Antilaser has been the test winner for many years!
    • 20% more power when detecting laser guns
    • Up to 100% more power when blocking laser guns
    • Up to 5 sensors possible
    • 45% smaller sensors
    • Can be expanded to create a complete radar detector system
    • Can be updated via the Internet
  • Sale! Blinder HP905Blinder HP905 Sensor



    The laser jammer Blinder HP 905 Dual, as a fixed installation with two sensors, offers comprehensive laser warning / interference for all of Europe

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    Laser track flare


    Basic set, consisting of:

    • Main Unit (control unit)
    • Display for visual & audible alarms
    • complete cabling for installation
    • 1x sensor transponder
  • Genevo FF2


    LASER INTERFERENCE GENEVO FF2 “IN-PLATE” On the one hand, the new Genevo FF offers laser-assisted parking assistance with the smallest, level-adjustable laser sensors in the world. On the other hand, the construction of the sensors for the specially developed Genevo EU license plate holder is optimized for the invisible installation as standard. For the first…

  • AL-Priority-Test

    Antilaser Tester


    With the anti-laser tester, you can easily check at any time whether your anti-laser is really ready for use and correctly adjusted. Other laser blockers or radar detectors can also be tested.