Stinger Freedom Laser


  • HD laser sensors offer perfect protection
  • Multiple test winner worldwide
  • Advanced Stinger Laser Technology
  • Legal mode – Police Check
  • Smallest dimensions on the market
  • Perfect with Stinger Card and VIP

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Stinger Freedom Laser

A laser blocker has never been so invisible!

  • Multiple test winner worldwide
  • Perfect protection against all laser measurements
  • Advanced Stinger HD Laser Technology
  • Invisible control elements (LED / button)
  • Intuitive touch stripe control element (optional)
  • Legal mode – Police Check
  • Future-proof and expandable
  • Developed in and for Europe
  • Fits perfectly with the Stinger VIP and Card

HD laser modules

HD Laser follows HD Radar. The precision and operation of the HD antenna had a direct impact on the development of the new laser modules. The control unit evaluates the received laser signals in a split second and decides what to do. Laser signals from other vehicles, also known as LCC, or signals from traffic monitoring systems are precisely filtered out. The so-called falselist is also used here. Numerous tests have proven that the new Stinger HD Lasers block even the most dangerous laser guns around the world. The Laser Analyzer Box imitates the beam from the received laser gun. This effectively prevents the officer from suspecting manipulation, as the laser gun does not pick up any external signals. The Stinger laser sensors are the smallest on the market and can be installed almost invisibly.

You have the choice

If the Freedom Laser is installed with a card or a VIP, it is operated via the card or the VIP. If the installation takes place without further Stinger hardware, you operate the Freedom Laser with a single button and a LED. Operation using “Stripe”, however, is even more convenient. A new touch field with which you can scroll through the menu, make settings and control the volume of the voice output.

ESO blockers

The Freedom Laser optionally offers protection against various light barrier measurements, such as ESO 1, ESO 2, ESO 3.0 or Autovelox. The Stinger laser fiber optic, an ESO disruptor or ESO blocker, with a diameter of only 3mm, is integrated into the license plate frame.

Choose laser protection:

  • Freedom Laser can be operated as a stand-alone device or connected to a Stinger Card or a Stinger VIP.
  • If the Freedom Laser is operated without a card or VIP, you can choose from the two control elements.
  • Small to middle class and sports cars require at least 1 receiver and 1 transmitter
  • Middle to upper class and SUV require at least 2 receivers and 2 transmitters
  • Austria Edition – Especially for Austria, Stinger offers a version without prohibited laser jammers. Thus the Stinger VIP does not violate §98a KFG.

View Stinger ESO jammers and accessories .


Scope of delivery Freedom Laser

  • Included in the upgrade kit:
  • Computer Center
  • Laser fiber transmitter unit
  • Laser fiber receiver
  • cableset
  • Complete set also includes:
  • Control unit (stripe or LED / button)
  • GPS receiver
  • USB stick
  • speaker
  • operating manual

Legal Notice!

Important information on the amendment to the Austrian KFG (Motor Vehicle Act) which prohibits the operation of laser jamming devices. We would like to point out to all customers that the optionally available malfunction function in this device has been prohibited by law in Austria since 2017. In other countries, warning of radar or laser measurements is also a criminal offense. We will of course help you to set up your device in accordance with the legislation in your country.

Extract from KFG Austria 2017:

“Radar or laser blocker”

  • 98a. (1) Devices or objects with which technical devices for traffic monitoring can be influenced or disrupted must not be attached to or in motor vehicles and must not be carried in motor vehicles.

(2) Violations of the provision of Para. 1 are to be blamed on both the driver and the registered owner of the vehicle.

(3) Are the in para. 1 discovered devices or objects on or in vehicles, the organs of the public security service or the road inspector are entitled to take coercive measures to prevent further travel until these devices or objects have been removed. These devices or objects are to be declared expired. “


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