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The laser jammer Blinder HP 905 Dual, as a fixed installation with two sensors, offers comprehensive laser warning / interference for all of Europe

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BLINDER HP 905 DUAL – Blinder brings the new model HP 905 compact laser jamming system onto the market. The new sensors are very small and are operated by extremely powerful laser diodes. The new sensors can easily be accommodated in the narrowest of spaces in the car and make assembly and integration into the front of the vehicle very easy. The new sensors are stronger than all models before, both high-power LEDs and high-power laser diodes have been integrated into the small sensors.

The new Blinder HP 905 has a variable volume control and a new voice output as a warning, which identifies the type of laser gun or laser speed camera with which your vehicle is aimed. The alarm tones are now easier to identify, especially when the vehicle interior is noisy. The Blinder HP905 compact can be operated in 3 modes: parking aid mode, receiver mode (simple laser detection, but without active interference) and defense mode (active interference mode for reacting to received laser signals).

You can switch between these operating modes with the remote selector switch. The Blinder HP 905 software can be updated. With a computer and the supplied USB cable, the CPU software can be updated in order to be prepared for the future in the event of newly introduced laser measurements. Updates are free and can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. The recommended standard setup is 2 sensors in the dual sensor system. If you drive a large SUV or you want to protect your car from the rear, you can purchase the quad-sensor version of the Blinder HP905 compact system with 4 sensors.

This is how a laser blocker works – Blinder HP 905

A laser device sends out an infrared beam at intervals for the purpose of speed measurement, which is reflected by the targeted vehicle. By recognizing these reflections on the individually emitted beams, the exact speed of the vehicle is now calculated. These calculations are based on the clear assignment of the light reflections. However, if additional light pulses occur at the targeted target in the same frequency range, the reflected rays cannot be clearly assigned and therefore the speed cannot be calculated.

The Laser Blinder HP 905 emits multifrequency infrared light that is invisible to the eye. After a laser beam hits the front of the vehicle, in addition to the actual light reflection, a large number of other light pulses are reflected in the direction of the laser device, so that no measurement can be made there. The two emitters are inconspicuously attached to the front part of the vehicle. Since two emitters are used, the entire front of the vehicle, including that of larger vehicles, is shielded. The exterior mirrors are also enclosed by the emitted light frequencies. The Blinder HP 905 dual sensibly emits the light frequencies continuously when the vehicle is in operation, because emitting the frequencies in response to a received laser signal could already be too late.

ATTENTION NO RADAR WARNING: Radar measurements are not recorded! In addition, the parallel installation of a radar detector such as Genevo Assist or Stinger is a good way of protecting against radar measurements. Installation in a specialist workshop is also recommended. All authorized workshops can carry out the work on your vehicle in a short time.


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