Stinger VIP radar detector

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  • Multiple test winner worldwide
  • Perfect protection against radar penalties
  • Detects all radar and laser measurements across Europe
  • Advanced Stinger radar detector technology
  • Offers enormous range and security
  • Intuitive touch display
  • Legal mode – Police Check – logbook

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Stinger VIP radar detector

If you are looking for the maximum, you cannot ignore the VIP!

  • Multiple test winner worldwide
  • Perfect protection against radar penalties
  • Detects all radar and laser measurements across Europe
  • Advanced Stinger radar detector technology
  • Offers enormous range and security
  • Excellent alarm filtering
  • Intuitive touch display
  • Spotlist speed camera database
  • Automatically learning “falselist”
  • Legal mode – Police Check – logbook
  • Future-proof and expandable
  • Developed in and for Europe
  • All from a single source

Radar detector or computer:

HD radar

The Stinger VIP radar detector processes all received signals in a so-called computer center. A central processing unit to which the unique MPHD radar antenna, the HD laser modules and the GPS sensor are connected. The MPHD antenna achieves military standard and, with measurements accurate to one thousandth, puts all competitors in the shade. This creates the basis for the incredible precision with which the Stinger radar detectors work. When analyzed in detail, the Stinger VIP distinguishes which signal comes from a real speed camera and which is saved as a false alarm in the falselist. Modern vehicles have factory-installed radar or laser technology. Intelligence is also required here. Stinger also sets standards here. The VIP learns the vehicle’s own sensors such as ACC, Distronic Plus, Blind Spot Assistant, and much more. to filter them out. This precision was necessary to be able to further increase the sensitivity of the radar antenna. The result is enormous advance warning times and even the latest radar devices such as the Multaradar CD / CT can be reliably detected.

HD laser fiber

HD Laser follows HD Radar. The precision and operation of the HD antenna had a direct impact on the development of the new laser modules. The control unit or laser analyzer box evaluates the received laser signals in a fraction of a second and decides what to do. Laser signals from other vehicles, also known as LCC, or signals from traffic monitoring systems are precisely filtered out. The so-called falselist is also used here. Numerous tests have proven that the new Stinger HD Lasers block even the most dangerous laser guns around the world. The Laser Analyzer Box imitates the beam from the received laser gun. This effectively prevents the officer from suspecting manipulation, as the laser gun does not pick up any external signals. The Stinger laser sensors are the smallest on the market and can be installed almost invisibly. Only an incredible 3mm in diameter. A challenge to the competition.

ESO blockers

The Stinger VIP radar detector also offers optional protection against various light barrier measurements, such as ESO 1, ESO 2, ESO 3.0 or Autovelox. The Stinger laser fiber optic, an ESO disruptor or ESO blocker, with a diameter of only 3mm, is integrated into the license plate frame. The laser fiber optic can also be used as a laser transmitter unit!


The integrated GPS speed camera database called Spotlist comes monthly from the leading German provider and is therefore always up to date. The spotlist effectively helps to avoid traffic fines through permanently installed, but not measurable speed measurement systems such as section control, inductive or piezo sensors, etc.

In tune with the times

An operating concept like no other. No other radar warning system offers a high-resolution touch display. Clear in the display and intuitive to use. All displays and the voice output are in German and make operation child’s play. With a variety of settings, the Stinger VIP adapts to the customer and not the other way around. The display can be removed at traffic controls (magnetic). The VIP can also be operated without a display. The intelligent automatic falselist makes manual intervention almost superfluous.

And for all those who like it particularly simple and discreet, Stinger now offers the Strip (a small touch control strip, known from the Freedom Laser) as an alternative to the display.

Stinger VIP legal throughout Europe

The VIP has 3 completely legal functions on board. Logbook, “Police Check” and “Safety Signals”. If the radar warning functions are switched off at the push of a button, the Stinger VIP can be used in its legal form throughout Europe without any legal problems. Another argument for choosing a stinger.

Stinger – the reference for complete radar detector systems

Stinger is the only manufacturer to deliver real complete systems. Other radar warning systems are put together from products from various manufacturers. This is not the case with Stinger. Stinger is the only one to develop all components such as radar antennas, laser blockers, protection against light barrier measurements, etc. itself. In Europe for Europe. And that at the highest level.

Select optional laser protection

  • Small to middle class and sports cars require at least 1 receiver and 1 transmitter
  • Middle to upper class and SUV require at least 2 receivers and 2 transmitters
  • Austria Edition – Especially for Austria, Stinger offers a version without prohibited laser jammers. Thus the Stinger VIP does not violate §98a KFG.

View Stinger ESO jammers and accessories .


Scope of delivery Stinger VIP radar detector

  • Display
  • Holder display
  • MPHD antenna
  • Holder MPHD antenna
  • Extension box
  • GPS receiver
  • cableset
  • Computer Center
  • USB stick
  • operating manual

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