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  • Replacement cable Valentine One


    Replacement cable suitable for Valentine One radar detector (for 12V cigarette connection)

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    Valentine One V1 Gen2

    Original price was: 799 €.Current price is: 769 €.


    • The Radar Detector Valentine V1 Gen2 introduces K-Verifier technology to improve the resistance to blind spot detection systems in new vehicles and to reduce false alarms from automatic door openers.
    • The integrated Bluetooth 5.0 enables a wireless connection to your Apple or Android smartphones and tablets.
    • The Valentine V1Connection app runs on your device and offers you a revolutionary new way of analyzing the live stream of threat intelligence flowing from the V1 Gen2. You will also have access to future firmware upgrades.
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    Valentine One – Europe Radar Detector

    Original price was: 699 €.Current price is: 679 €.

    The Valentine One Radar Detector – The V1 is the classic radar detector and offers mobile radar and laser warning with the greatest range for use against speed cameras in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The Valentine One from Valentine Research helps against mobile speed cameras, speed traps and lasers.