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Finally available and important for German customers: As a fixed installation with two sensors, the Esoguard PRO Dual offers comprehensive interference for ESO sensor measurements – order here now.

  • Especially for all vehicles with a curved front
  • No mistakes when using laser jammers
  • Compatible with well-known laser jammers
  • Interferes with ESO 1.0, ESO 3.0, ESO 3.0 matrix
  • Interferes with Autovelox in Italy / Spain
  • Smallest sensors for installation
  • 2 meters of electricity – cable connection
  • Made in Germany
  • Developed especially for all super sports cars
  • The opening angle has been increased enormously
  • Ultra flexible sensors for installation
  • Just a very small control unit
  • Completely newly developed sensors
  • Fast car assembly possible
  • Update capable for the future
  • 2 year guarantee

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After radar detectors, laser and GPS speed camera detectors were sufficient for a long time, a new measuring device has recently become increasingly widespread in Germany, the so-called single-sided sensor eso es 3.0. You can surely recognize the measuring device in the photos on the Internet. Tried and tested radar detectors and laser systems have no effect here. The new generation of the Esoguard PRO now has even smaller sensors, so that assembly is even easier and more invisible. Here, too, attention was paid to compatibility with anti-laser laser protection and optimized.

The light barrier jammer ESO GUARD Pro was specially developed for vehicles that do not have a straight front! It works with all single-sided sensors regardless of whether ESO 1.0, Eso 3.0 or (also ESO 3.0 Matrix) and that even across several lanes. The efficiency in tunnels is 100% guaranteed as the system is only deactivated when you have switched off your vehicle (depending on the type of connection).

The newly developed sensors now offer completely new installation options. As in the past, thanks to improved dual-head technology, you can now reliably ward off and interfere with ESO measurements on both sides even more easily.

During development, special care was taken to ensure that installation is much easier than with the previous model, which means vehicles such as Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes AMG, Lamborghini, McLaren and all other super sports cars can now easily install the ESO GUARD Pro.

If you own a vehicle that does not have a straight front, we strongly recommend installing the ESO GUARD Pro. Because with the normal ESO GUARD sensors you have very little room for maneuver during installation and therefore cannot align the sensors 100% to the side (90 degrees). With the ESO GUARD Pro, these problems no longer exist, as the newly developed sensors are absolutely flexible and almost any desired installation position can be achieved.

This new ESOGUARD product offered here is intended for permanent installation in the front of the vehicle. It can be used in addition to all the complete solutions offered, as it is a separately operated device. The device prevents light barrier measurements with the new, well-known ” eso es 3.0 single-sided sensor ” light barrier.
Mobile light barrier measurements cannot be indicated by radar or laser detectors, since neither radar nor laser light waves are emitted here. Only by using this device can you prevent measurements with the new optical single-sided sensor “eso es 3.0” measuring system, as there are no alternative warning options. For more information on this device, please click here .

Are you unsure what a hidden installation in your vehicle will look like?
Check out the videos:

If you are interested, experienced professional auto mechanics / electricians can install these devices in a very flexible and discreet manner, for example in Heidelberg (usually Friday afternoons, weekends). The installation time is usually 2-5 hours depending on the system, but it can be a little longer for exotic cars. The technicians will of course discuss the installation options with you personally beforehand so that you can get an idea of what the solution will look like beforehand. You could use the time for a city tour during the installation. Many customers are very happy about this opportunity. Difficulties can only arise in rare cases, for example if there is not enough space in the front of the vehicle or just dismantling body parts would take hours and special tools are required. If you are interested in arranging the installation of the devices you have ordered, please add this item to your shopping cart.

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  1. German

    Radar Shop Team

    Mit den neuen und winzigen Sensoren ist ein unauffälliger Einbau kinderleicht und der Schutz vor ESO Messystemen absolut überzeugend. Esoguard schützt ebenso in Italien und Spanien vor Autovelox Blitzern, die auch im restlichen Europa aktuell im Einsatz sind.

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