GENEVO ASSIST HDM + and Antilaser ALP2

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The radar detector Genevo Assist PRO HDM + is a high-end fixed-mounted radar detector incl. Antilaser ALP2. It offers a magnetic display that can be used to operate the entire system.

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GENEVO ASSIST HDM + and Antilaser ALP2

  • Are you looking for an absolutely invisible, integrated and non-targetable radar warning system for Germany / Europe?
  • Would you like a hidden installation of all components in the front of the vehicle as well as inside the vehicle?
  • You don’t value a separate display and configuration display in the cockpit?

Genevo is invisible. No display. Just one button. Not more.

The system consists of the high-quality radar antenna, an associated GPS receiver to warn of fixed speed cameras (star boxes), high-end laser jammers and a loudspeaker. The central unit, which controls all components centrally via software, is unique. This is simply operated via an SD card with the configuration program installed on it, which can be opened directly from the card on the PC. In this way, all settings relating to the scanned frequencies, the voice output, etc. can be configured very easily on the PC using the SD card. Once set, no further changes to or in the vehicle are necessary.

The advantage of the system is obvious: all components are installed completely hidden in the vehicle – there is no need to install a display in the cockpit, only the fingernail-sized button with a small LED light and tip switch for switching the entire system on and off should be accessible to the driver be positioned.

This can be done below the steering wheel, for example. As a result, the appealing look inside your high-quality vehicle is not disturbed, and it also enables the system to be operated absolutely discreetly while driving. The hidden loudspeaker will then of course warn you in German when you approach a speed trap.

The integrated laser interferers ALP2 offer complete protection; these can also be conveniently set according to your wishes using the configuration program in German. Various setting options such as suppressing alarms below an adjustable threshold speed are of course also possible.

The system also recognizes the increasingly widespread Poliscan cameras; you should only consider an eso 3.0 blocker (ESOGuard Dual can be optionally ordered + € 599) against the single-sided sensor measurement eso 3.0, which is occasionally used in Germany.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Integrated complete system with high-quality individual components against radar, laser, fixed speed cameras, section control and much more, so it can be used across Europe without any problems
  • No need to mount a display in the cockpit
  • Acoustic warnings in German
  • Switches can be positioned very small and inconspicuously
  • Convenient configuration in German using a program on the PC
  • once set – no further adjustments in the vehicle
  • Database update for life and free of charge via the supplied SD card
  • Central control of all components through intelligent software

Are you unsure what a hidden installation in your vehicle will look like?
Check out the videos:

If you are interested, experienced professional auto mechanics / electricians can install these devices in a very flexible and discreet manner, for example in Heidelberg (usually Friday afternoons, weekends). The installation time is usually 2-5 hours depending on the system, but it can be a little longer for exotic cars. The technicians will of course discuss the installation options with you personally beforehand so that you can get an idea of what the solution will look like beforehand. You could use the time for a city tour during the installation. Many customers are very happy about this opportunity. Difficulties can only arise in rare cases, for example if there is not enough space in the front of the vehicle or just dismantling body parts would take hours and special tools are required. If you are interested in arranging the installation of the devices you have ordered, please add this item to your shopping cart.

5 reviews for GENEVO ASSIST HDM + and Antilaser ALP2

  1. German

    RS Team

    Perfekte Kombi für optimalen und unsichtbaren Radar und Laserschutz

  2. French

    RS Team

    Combinaison parfaite pour une protection radar et laser optimale et invisible

  3. English

    RS Team

    Perfect combination for optimal and invisible radar and laser protection

  4. Italian

    RS Team

    Combinazione perfetta per una protezione radar e laser ottimale e invisibile

  5. Spanish

    RS Team

    Combinación perfecta para una protección óptima e invisible contra el radar y el láser

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