Genevo MAX radar detector

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  • Most modern radar detector 2020
  • More powerful than any competitor
  • 100% more performance than the Genevo One M.
  • Optimized laser warning system
  • Speed camera database included for life
  • Gesture control
  • Matrix display

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GENEVO MAX radar detector


MAX stands for the maximum performance that has ever been found in a mobile Genevo radar detector. The largest and most powerful radar antenna to date, completely redesigned laser sensors with military technology. Together with the most modern GPS technology and the special Genevo speed camera database for all of Europe , nothing will surprise you anymore!

Revolutionary technology

MAX also stands for maximum comfort. The new gesture control revolutionizes the use of radar warning devices. A light sensor adjusts the display adaptively if required. The sound sensor measures the ambient noise in the vehicle and automatically adjusts the volume. You will get used to these convenient functions of the Genevo MAX radar detector very quickly.

100% legal!

From a technical point of view, the Genevo MAX radar / laser detector is purely a warning device. In doing so, you do not influence the work of the police. Therefore, it is not forbidden to take it with you in a motor vehicle in Austria. All Genevo radar detectors are also fully homologated. By the way, due to its minimal size, the Genevo Max is hardly noticeable in the vehicle.

MAXIMIZED security

With the Genevo MAX you will be warned of classic Ka-, K- and X-band radars, as well as modern MultaRadar CD / CT and GATSO RT3 / RT4. Laser sensors and GPS systems reliably warn of infrared cameras, section control and traffic light flashers. Lifelong updates of the speed camera database and firmware are already included in the purchase price.

Functional design

With its ultra-modern design, the Genevo Max radar detector integrates particularly elegantly into the interior. The newly developed magnetic holder is also unique. This can easily be used vertically and horizontally. Another innovation is the multicolored OLED display with automatic brightness control. A headphone connection has also been integrated into Genevo for the first time.

The key facts


    Gestensteuerung Genevo MAX
    Gesture control Genevo MAX

Motion sensor for contact-free operation. Mute alarms without pressing a button. A wave of the hand is enough.


Ambient light sensor for automatic brightness. The display regulates the brightness automatically, adapted to the incidence of light in the interior.


With the sound sensor, the Genevo Max automatically corrects the volume of the alarms according to the volume inside the vehicle.


The laser receiving unit is specially processed for a much higher sensitivity. A similar technology is used in military sights, for example.


The color display now shows twice as much information, very clearly.


The Genevo Max radar / laser detector can be easily configured with the help of your computer.


New GPS module with AlwaysLocate ™ technology and EASY ™ integrates GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS. This technology offers better reception, even in remote areas, as well as faster connection after the first start.


Compared to the competition, the new Genevo MAX offers significantly better false alarm suppression while at the same time maximizing the range.


State-of-the-art USB-C standard and classic 3.5mm jack for headphones.


Lifetime firmware and GPS database updates are free for both Windows and MacOS users.

Operating frequencies


Ka narrow: 34.0 GHz, 34.3 GHz, 34.7 GHz, 35.5 GHz (± 120 MHz)

Ka wide: 33.4 GHz ~ 36.0 GHz

K narrow: 24.125 GHz (± 70 MHz)

K wide: 24.125 GHz (± 150 MHz)

X-band: 10.525 GHz (± 50 MHz)

MultaRadar: CD / CT

Gatso: RT3 / RT4

Technical parameters

Operating temperature: -20 ° C to +85 ° C

Storage temperature: -20 ° C to +85 ° C

Operating voltage: 11 V – 16 V

Energy consumption: 250 mA normal, 330 mA max. (at 12 V)

Dimensions: 101 mm × 68 mm × 33 mm

Scope of delivery Genevo MAX

  • Genevo MAX radar detector
  • Magnetic holder for the windshield
  • Power supply cable for 12V socket
  • Lifetime database updates
  • 24 months guarantee

Note for mobile radar detectors!

Before buying a portable radar detector, it is important to check whether your vehicle has a specially coated, metal-coated glass (climate comfort windshield), as it is not possible here to detect the radar beams with a mobile detector. This affects less than 5% of the vehicles. The radar detector is not able to give an adequate warning! If you discover that your vehicle is affected, we have many other solutions ready for you. For example the Genevo + series set consisting of Genevo GPS + and Genevo UHD + at a special price. Or another test winner from the fixed-mount radar detector category.

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