Genevo One S Black Edition radar detector

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  • Test winner mobile radar detector
  • Ultra HD radar antenna for maximum performance
  • 100% more performance than the best competitor
  • Fully legal as a GPS speedometer at the push of a button
  • EU speed camera database included for life
  • Filter technology for vehicles with distance radar
  • Auto-mute function

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GENEVO One S Black Edition radar detector

The new flagship of the Genevo One series. The performance grows by an unbelievable 100%!

  • World’s smallest radar detector with Ultra HD radar receiver
  • 100% more receiving power than the Genevo One S.
  • Lifelong speed camera database updates included
  • Fully legal as a GPS speedometer at the push of a button
  • New special filters for vehicles with distance radar
  • Easy reactivation of the radar warning function on the PC
  • Download new database every month
  • 360 ° acquisition of radar sources in Europe (X- / K- / Ka-narrow band)
  • high quality full matrix display
  • Warning of laser measurements (including Poliscan Speed!)
  • Warning for Section Control measurements (database)
  • Warning of stationary radars (database)
  • Warning of red light cameras (database)
  • Simplest, German operation

Maximum performance

The Genevo One S Black Edition radar detector with Ultra HD antenna puts all other mobile radar detectors in the shade. 100% more range than any other product so far. False alarms are a thing of the past thanks to special filter technology. A new special filter technology allows the radar detector to differentiate between real speed traps and the radar waves from vehicles with distance cruise control (ACC, Distronic, etc.) or blind spot assistants. In connection with the vertical holder, ranges of up to 1000m have already been achieved with rear measurements.

Speedometer mode (legal operation)

The non-permitted radar warning functions are deactivated at the push of a button. The Genevo One S Black Edition is no longer an operational radar detector in the sense of the StVO and can be used completely legally as a GPS speedometer. With an update on the PC, the Genevo One S Black Edition becomes a full-fledged radar detector again.

New display, selective POIs and auto-mute

The new Vollmatix display shows radar sources (band and intensity), laser measurements and POI radar messages (distance to the speed camera). A German voice informs you of the exact source of danger, the permitted speed. In the case of radar radiation, the intensity is signaled by a beep.

Selective POI warning allows you to select relevant warnings. For example, only section control and traffic light speed cameras via POI. Fixed radar, however, only through the radar antenna.

With Auto-Mute, the volume of the alarms is reduced to a very subtle level after 2 seconds.

Note for mobile radar detectors!

Before buying a portable radar detector, it is important to check whether your vehicle has a specially coated, metal-coated glass (climate comfort windshield), as it is not possible here to detect the radar beams with a mobile detector. This affects less than 5% of the vehicles. The radar detector is not able to give an adequate warning! If you discover that your vehicle is affected, we have many other solutions ready for you. For example the Genevo + series set consisting of Genevo GPS + and Genevo UHD + at a special price. Or another test winner from the fixed-mount radar detector category.

Order accessories at the same time – secure a price advantage!

  • Vertical holder
    The vertical holder has significant advantages in terms of advance warning times, especially in the Ka-band, which is very important for Austria.
  • Installation cable
    A thin, straight cable for connection to the fuse box. It looks much nicer in the vehicle and is less noticeable than the cables for the cigarette lighter.
  • Sun visor holder
    Bracket for discreet mounting on the sun visor. In some vehicles, the position of the sun visor can impair GPS reception.

Click here to see the Genevo accessories .


Setting options

  • Display modes: speed & time, speed & voltage,
    Battery voltage, time, speed, speed & compass
  • Auto Mute: On / Off
  • Minimum speed for alarm signals (recommendation 20 km / h)
  • X-Band: On / Off (recommendation OFF)
  • K-Band: Wide / Narrow / Instant / Aus (recommendation K Narrow or AUS)
  • K Filter: Off / low / high – Reduces false alarms from ACC (recommendation low)
  • Ka-Band: Wide / Narrow / Aus (Recommendation: Ka Narrow)
  • Ka 34.0 On / Off (recommendation ON)
  • Ka 34.3 On / Off (recommendation ON)
  • Ka 34.7 On / Off (recommendation OFF)
  • Ka 35.5 On / Off (recommendation OFF)
  • Ka filter: Off / low / high – Reduces false alarms from ACC (recommendation: filter low)
  • Laser: On / Off (recommendation ON)
  • Start sound: On / Off
  • GPS connection message: On / Off
  • POI database messages: On / Off or with the middle button you can also select categories. Use the +/- buttons on the side for the change (recommendation: the category “frequent danger spots” off, if not desired)
  • POI warning distance: (normal 250 m, wide 375 m, very wide 500 m) (recommendation: wide)
  • Unit: English (mph) / Metric (km / h) (recommendation km / h)
  • Setting the local time: change the time zone (hours) using the +/- buttons on the side.
  • Language: English / German / Czech
  • Factory setting: To reset, press the middle button.
  • Deleting all your own markings: press the center button to delete.

Scope of delivery Genevo One S Black Edition

  • Genevo One S Black Edition
  • Bracket incl. 2 suction cups
  • Power supply cable for 12V socket
  • Lifelong EU database updates
  • German instructions
  • 24 months guarantee


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