Neoline X-COP 9100s Dashcam & Radar Detector

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Neoline X-COP 9100s is the world’s first hybrid dashcam that recognizes Multa Radar CD and CT.

  • HD video with maximum detail, day and night
  • Intelligent HDR mode
  • Radar detection including multaradar MRCD / MRCT
  • GPS with radar database incl. Updates
  • Adding / removing danger spots
  • Setting the radius of danger spots
  • City / Route / Turbo / Х-СОР sensitivity modes

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Neoline X-COP 9100s is the world’s first hybrid dashcam that recognizes Multa Radar CD and CT.

THE NEW RADAR WARNING Neoline X-COP 9100s – New multaradar radars are widespread in Europe. These radar systems have a unique signal structure that requires a specific platform to be detected. The Neoline X-COP 9100s recognizes MultaRadar in a special M-band and warns the user of such a radar.

When creating the Neoline X-COP 9100, we took into account the legal restrictions of various countries with regard to the use of radar detectors. This allows the radar unit to be easily disconnected with a simple movement of the hand and the device continues to function as a GPS informant. In addition, the device offers highly effective protection against Specter 4 and Specter Elite RDD devices that are widely used in Europe.

Z-SIGNATURE-FILTER – Avoids false alarms, especially from the sensors for the blind spot detection of other cars. Unlike similar technologies, real police radars are not blocked incorrectly.



WORLDWIDE GPS DATABASE – Neoline units have a built-in radar and camera database that contains data from more than one hundred thousand radars worldwide (Europe, USA, Israel, Middle East, Turkey, Australia, etc.). The database is updated regularly on The Neoline X-COP 9100s has integrated GPS and GLONASS modules for the fastest and most accurate location.

TRAFFIC CONTROL CAMERAS – The Neoline X-COP 9100s informs you of all traffic controls and warns you in advance of the following types of speed cameras and avoids unnecessary fines.

EXCELLENT DAY AND NIGHT FILM QUALITY – Powerful Ambarella CPU, multi-lens glass optics and a Sony sensor ensure high quality video. A wide viewing angle of 135 degrees enables four lanes and a roadside to be filmed. The automatic night mode helps to see all the details in the dark areas of the road.

EXD PLUS MODULE – The device has an integrated, ultrasound-sensitive module EXD Plus, which enables a maximum distance of the police radar detection in the K, Ka and M bands. The device is particularly effective in turbo mode and warns of low power radars aimed at the rear of the vehicle, such as Gatso, Multanova 6F, Multa Radar, etc.

GESTURE CONTROL – To turn off the audio and voice messages when approaching the radar, simply place one hand in front of the hybrid screen. The motion control technology reacts to gestures and switches the sound back on within 6 seconds of the notification being completed.


FREQUENCY SELECTION – The Hybrid’s menu contains a frequency selection function. Depending on the country of use, the hybrid changes the detection settings in different frequency ranges and also suppresses false signals more effectively. For experienced users, detailed setting of the hybrid is possible, including switching off certain frequencies within the areas K and Ka use the setup file.

X-COP MODE – The new X-COP mode offers automatic switching of frequency ranges and false alarm filters, depending on the speed.

K BAND SETTINGS – Experienced users can adjust the K-band based on knowledge of the frequencies that police radars are operating in the area of operation.

  • Broad frequency from 23.900 to 24.250 GHz – the standard setting for detecting all speed cameras in the K-band.
  • Narrow – frequency from 24.050 to 24.195 GHz – to reduce the number of false alarms.
  • Super-Narrow – frequency from 24.050 to 24.125 GHz – to minimize the number of false alarms.

TURNING OFF K BAND IN CITY MODE – The user can turn off the K-band in CITY mode. This is useful in large cities where there are no mobile speed traps.

45 TYPES OF RADAR – You will receive information about the type of radar and the permitted speed for the road segment. Provide information about distance to a radar and average speed. The database includes 45 different types of radar. Every new radar is immediately added to the database and is available in new updates.



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