Kaza DT 390 LIVE MTR


Kaza DT390 MTR LIVE is the only device on the market with a TRIPLE SHIELD

  • Exclusive detector antenna with MTR technology (Multaradar MRCD)
  • Connectivity to the LIVE community with automatic updates. It also includes a free subscription for 6 months

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The new KAZA DT 390 Live MTR is a state-of-the-art radar detector that has been equipped with a new antenna specifically designed to detect new MTR (MULTARADAR) radars at a great distance without producing false warnings. This powerful antenna increases sensitivity by more than 20% compared to the previous version. It works with a new processor that multiplies by 100 the filtration and detection capacity of radiofrequency emissions, optimizing detections in K-MTR and Ka bands and silencing false alerts.

The new pulsating K band technology radars, also called MTR or 3D Radar, with intelligent multi-rail control are being strongly implemented in Europe. They entail more than 30% of the radars in Spain and more than 80% of the ones in Portugal, becoming the first model choice of the authorities. This type of radar is replacing the older Multanova (34.3) and it is equipped to act both in static and in motion, controlling several roads / vehicles at the same time.

The radar detector and warning unit Kaza DT390 MTR LIVE is the only device in the market that offers a TRIPLE PROTECTIONS SHIELD:

  • GPS radar warning unit.
  • Exclusive detector antenna with MTR technology.
  • Connectivity to the LIVE community with automatic updates.


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