KAZA DT 110 “LIVE” GPS POI warner


The GPS speed camera detector KAZA DT 110 LIVE is a small device and offers an integrated GPS speed camera database and, via SIM card, additional options for REALTIME radar warnings analogous to the speed camera apps for use against fixed speed cameras in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and all of Europe German voice output. In addition, a wireless radar antenna can optionally be connected – order now and avoid fines and points.

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Europe-wide premiere in March 2016: the new KAZA DT 110 LIVE radar detector offers unique innovative functions:

Exclusive double protection: GPS speed camera database position + live warnings from the registered user community based on a real-time data connection

The GPS warner KAZA DT 110 Live works with an additional SIM data card (with data service) , which you have to order from your mobile phone provider. You insert the card into the device and perform the registration. Once completed, your KAZA DT 110 Live speed camera data is automatically updated. You benefit in real time from the user community when mobile speed cameras are spotted and reported by a member of the community. You too can help and report a new mobile speed camera simply by pressing a button.

Automatic update of the speed camera database based on its continuous internet connection (the data service is based on the SIM card), the speed camera location database is updated automatically and the live community reports with 50 km around the current position are downloaded. The data transfer will only require minor data transfers.

Your radar detector KAZA DT 110 Live connects to the best European LIVE community and radar location database services from Michelin Travel Partner Services and Eifrig Media GmbH, the European market leader for live radar warning reports and community shared services (SCDB.info)

The global speed camera database has more than 100,000 stationary and mobile speed cameras, offers a daily database update for 66 countries worldwide, all locations are checked on site.

The compact KAZA DT 110 can only be used independently as a GPS warning device against fixed measuring points. The simple plug and play system can be easily updated. The GPS KAZA DT 110 wireless warning device is the only one on the market that can also and optionally be equipped with a wireless mobile antenna for scanning Ka radar (together with the KAZA 400 antenna as a detector + warning device) after a simple installation. The firmware can also be conveniently set to German so that both operation and alarm output are in German .

GPS KAZA 110 functions:

  • Warning of all types of permanently installed speed measuring points.
  • Unique: optional possibility of wireless connection of a permanently installed radar antenna with Ka-band (KAZA 400 – available as an accessory)
  • Device with pre-installed international speed camera database, which stores up to 200,000 locations and warns of the following measuring points:
    • Fixed measuring points (star boxes)
    • Tunnel radar
    • Red light flashers at intersections
    • Section control measurements (optical), which measure the average speed
    • Induction radars
    • Statistically frequent places where mobile radar or general traffic controls are carried out
  • High precision in positioning and reporting through advanced satellite technology.
  • Equipped with a state-of-the-art GPS chip with high sensitivity
  • No need for an external antenna, also works with metal-coated / heated windscreens
  • Possibility of setting on the part of the user:
    • Notification of fixed measuring points and dangerous locations (e.g. accident blackspots) or
    • Notification of fixed measuring points or.
    • Notification of fixed measuring points and frequent locations with mobile measuring points or.
    • Reporting of all possible measuring points (fixed, mobile, traffic controls, accident blackspots, etc.)
  • Clear and precise voice output can be set in several languages (including German)
  • The message is sent 500 meters in front of the measuring point
  • Warning of excessive speed when approaching a measuring point
  • Digital compass for the current direction of travel display
  • Simple data update: simply connect to the PC via USB (no additional driver required)
  • display of the current speed (via GPS).
  • Time display (via GPS).
  • Possibility to also save personal locations in the database for future warnings
  • Recommendation to take a break after a long drive.

Countries Covered:
Portugal Spain Argentina Brazil Costa Rica Peru Uruguay Germany Belgium France Sweden Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Netherlands United Kingdom Finland Czech Republic and Slovakia Denmark Luxembourg Austria Bosnia Herzegovina Bulgaria Estonia Latvia Lichtenstein Lithuania Norway Poland Romania Serbia Slovenia Ukraine Switzerland Egypt Israel Jordan Kuwait Morocco Oman Qatar Cyprus Turkey Tunisia Saudi Arabia


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