The radar detector BEL STiR Plus M-edition against CD Multaradar is a powerful radar detector and, in addition to mobile radar and laser warning, offers an integrated GPS speed camera database against speed traps in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – order here now and avoid fines and points. Radar warning devices from BEL against speed traps, lasers and star boxes.

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The high-end radar detector BEL STiR Plus GPS M Edition (Multaradar CD) for Europe with integrated GPS offers maximum performance and almost complete protection against radar, speed cameras and lasers. The auto-lock function for the X- and K-band is unique and exclusive : Autolock continuously analyzes all incoming signals while driving. If the same signal is detected three times in the same place, the BEL STiR automatically blocks this alarm as a false alarm. If this signal has been blocked, no alarm will be issued at this point unless it is a new or different signal. Locked signals are automatically unlocked as soon as the BEL STiR Plus no longer registers a false alarm at this location when you pass the location.

Summary: The radar warning and laser warning functions are ideally complemented by GPS-based warnings. The BEL STiR Plus is also a star box & traffic light speed camera that warns of all fixed measuring devices. These include, for example, Redflex, ATS, Nestor, Lasercraft, Gatso, Redspeed, Traffipax, TruVelo, SPECS Average Speed cameras, Watchman, Speedcurb and many more. The passage time measurement “Section Control” (e.g. Austria) can also be recognized in this way. You avoid corresponding penalties, and general road safety is increased. Solve all problems now and get 100% protection with the BEL STiR Plus. In this way, you have a safe and discreet way of being warned of the permanently installed measuring systems throughout Europe without having to attach a device to the windshield or the dashboard.
The BEL STiR Plus contains the GPS positions of these flash devices in its memory. It warns acoustically and flashes in good time before the speed camera is reached. The BEL STiR Plus also warns you of mobile speed traps and laser guns. Simply buy a compatible complete solution hidden in the front of the vehicle instead of operating several devices in parallel.

The number of fixed measuring devices is growing steadily. The Trinity database, which serves as the basis, is updated at regular intervals as soon as new speed cameras are added or removed. In addition, you can save your own positions at the push of a button and receive a warning at these points. We are constantly working on a review of existing and new locations in Europe, the USA and Canada. It currently covers 37 countries worldwide.

You can update the memory of the BEL STiR Plus as often as you want with the help of a PC. This database can be updated easily and free of charge using the software provided after registering on the Beltronics website. The device is updated very quickly and reliably with the latest data via a USB interface and the software, which is easy to install and just as easy to use.

System components and installation

The device consists of several components that are hidden and discreetly installed in the vehicle. First, the radar receiver unit is permanently installed in the front of the vehicle. The area behind the grill or the bumper is ideal for this, the device is small, black and absolutely inconspicuous. The GPS antenna unit is to be installed as a further receiving part. Both of the receiving devices mentioned are connected to the so-called interface with hidden cables. This interface central unit is hidden under the steering wheel, for example, behind a flap or in a compartment. The small display and the control unit are connected to this interface. Both the display and the control unit are about as small as a USB stick and should be positioned in an accessible and visible position in the cockpit area. The ideal solution depends on the particular vehicle conditions and your personal preferences. Finally, the active loudspeaker and a light-emitting diode are connected to the interface, both of which emit acoustic or optical signals in the event of an alarm.
Please also take a look at the schematic representation within the product images.


• External detector with front antenna and GPS: detects radar, laser and fixed speed cameras!
• The radar detector can be set individually and flexibly to national conditions around the world for the desired frequencies in seconds!
• Best Remote for the detection of “Instant-On” and Ka Police Radar with a detection range of up to 1 kilometer!
• Easy installation, compact, waterproof housing
• Up to 10 functions can be selected using express programming
• 100% invisible to police detectors!
• Dummy mode: So that no operational device can be found in countries in which the operation of radar detectors is not permitted, the radar warning function can be quickly deleted at the push of a button and only reactivated via USB

Are you unsure what a hidden installation in your vehicle will look like?
Check out the videos:

If you are interested, experienced professional auto mechanics / electricians can install these devices in a very flexible and discreet manner, for example in Heidelberg (usually Friday afternoons, weekends). The installation time is usually 2-5 hours depending on the system, but it can be a little longer for exotic cars. The technicians will of course discuss the installation options with you personally beforehand so that you can get an idea of what the solution will look like beforehand. You could use the time for a city tour during the installation. Many customers are very happy about this opportunity. Difficulties can only arise in rare cases, for example if there is not enough space in the front of the vehicle or just dismantling body parts would take hours and special tools are required. If you are interested in arranging the installation of the devices you have ordered, please add this item to your shopping cart.


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